Archiwum miesięczne: January 2014

New 2014

Operator - KopiaInCloser to the end of January 2014 of the year. For some, the New Year started „ Mazurkiem”, or „Under the strong angel ", and for other – unfortunately – accepted war paint. Ukraine is on the verge of civil war. And kijowskim ringu – and Majdanie – Yanukovych takes duel with Vitaly Klitschko. Who really wins? Do not know. Maybe the third? For where two fight… . Grief, that traces the history created are already labeled red blood and graphite – gray tire smoke roasted.

And next door in Russia, condensed underway to prepare for the joyous feast Winter Games in Sochi. Probably the inauguration will be extremely rich colors framed spectacle of fireworks holidays, excellent scenography, countless lights boosting an unforgettable event in the arena of world sport. And then just great, knights fight in the spirit of Olympism Coubertinowskiego, where the guiding principle is to respect your opponent in the noble fight fair play…. So, so, Also, I would like to believe in the fairness of the last sentence.

Why am I writing about? Because it is only just two examples of events from the surrounding reality, who enroll in specific images in the film world. Do this by using animation, plot, document, or other innovative techniques audiovisual.

Well now you can watch the spot – produced for the BBC Sport – promoting the Olympics in Sochi, which is a co-founder of moonlight Tomek Baginski.

Let only the fairly dark vision- with stunning graphics(!) – in a climate comparable to „Gry o tron” kasandryczną prophecy was not unforeseen events on the dark side of life.

The conclusion to these reflections will let the words of Czeslaw Milosz:

So I will continue to stand in front of you bowls of colors bright and clean if possible, because in adversity need some order and beauty.”

PRFF invites!


30 Jan. hrs. 19.00, sin MDK-DST , st. Polish Army tickets- 10 zł

Evening music- filmowy 

The only party in this style! 

Here are some tips on how it will be done: take your friends or come alone (company to find!) sit down at the table, get a free delicious cup of tea, watching short films produced known to all the Munk Studio, running a very interesting discussion about movies and other topics close to the heart, in the intervals between filmaI listen to an inspiring and improving mood music produced by a team of MICROKLIMAT, little to sing with them! Believe me it will be a memorable evening!
Organizers: Municipal House of Culture- Creative Environment House in Lomza, Tea Pikoteria and Munk Studio
Advance ticket sales: from 24 January MDK-DST. Why buy pre-? You can book yourself and your friends a table