Archiwum miesięczne: February 2017

Wygrać z Przeznaczeniem w Chicago





Marek Lechowicz, Podlaski Film Fund


today is 77. Anniversary Mass wyw & oacute; twigs Polak & oacute; in Siberia. Yet still lives of many of these, kt & oacute; WHO remember those traumatic experiences. „Wygrać z przeznaczeniem” is a documentary film directed by Mark Lechowicz, tells the story of those, difficult times, and about the years of wandering 733 children, kt & oacute; re fate of the Polish went to New Zealand.

In an interview with the director of his latest project, the angle & oacute; rhyme work is only just beginning. With Mark Lechowicz talking Maciej Kowalski

Fenix ​​Reloaded – or New Millenium Cinema – it is the power!