Archiwum miesięczne: Październik 2018

Cameron about film „Overcoming Fate”


We watched the film 'Overcoming Fate'* and it was very moving. Thank you so much. We even saw my babcia and dziadzio {grandmother and grandfather} there near the end. 
Message from Cameron.

* 'Wygrac z Przeznaczeniem: Prawdziwa historia 733 Polskich Dzieci', film by Marek Lechowicz. 

To learn more about the fates of these Polish children who were invited to New Zealand during World War 2, come along to the Polish Museum in Auckland

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Inauguracja powstania „Miejsca Pamięci – Dzieci Syberii” 27.09.2018

Polish Heritage Trust Museum in Howick, New Zealand
Inauguration of the creation of the "Memorial Site – Children of Siberia" 27/09/2018. The founder of the commemorative plaque is Jan Roy-Wojciechowski – founder of the Polish Heritage Trust Museum in New Zealand and former Honorary Consul of the Republic of Poland in New Zealand. Poles formerly deported to Siberia as children in WW2 were present from five continents to mark this commemoration. The school is 'Piotr Skarga' in Warsaw.

Source: Thank you to Marek Lechowicz for these images. 
Marek is the writer and director of "Wygrac z przeznaczeniem: Prawdziwa historia 733 Polskich Dzieci" / "Overcoming Fate: the true story of 733 Polish Children" which features members of the Polish-New Zealand community.


Inauguracja powstania "Miejsca Pamięci – Dzieci Syberii" 27.09.2018. Fundatorem pamiątkowej tablicy jest Jan Roy-Wojciechowski – Honorowy Konsul RP w Nowej Zelandii.